70cc Dirt Bike

70cc Dirt Bike: Complete Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

70cc Dirt Bike: Complete Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Dirt bikes come in a wide range of speeds, cylinder capacities (cc), style and safety measures.
Others have mentioned that bigger cylinders generate more power because they can burn more fuel per stroke, which means 70cc bikes are more powerful compared to 50cc bikes. Here is a guide to buying the best 70cc dirt bike, plus their reviews for biking and racing enthusiasts:

The Monster Motto MM-B80 review

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  •  Has a heavy duty 80cc overhead Valve Engine.
  •  Hand operated rear disc brakes.
  • Adjustable handlebars.
  • Built to last with a rugged reinforced frame for rugged outdoors.
  • Super grip tires.
This bike is designed for beginners. Its CVT transmission means no shifting required. Learners do not have to worry about burning up the engine by shifting or damaging the clutch by shifting too soon.

The SSR 70cc Dirt Bike review

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  • Has a powerful air-cooled four-stroke engine that provides prime power and acceleration
  • Big tires ensure improved handling, control, and performance. They are also made to take on the roughest terrains
  • A wide and ribbed footrest for stability and better control
  • Large disc brake which allows advanced braking power. You can slow down, stop quick and steady, a good safety measure.
  • Semi-auto transmission which allows you to conveniently switch gears without a clutch. It also comes with reverse gear
  • Kick-start engine instead of electronic improves performance and lets you start your dirt bike like a pro racer.
  • Killswitch allows you to stop the engine with a push of a button.
  • Big strong rear shock suspension which provides comfortable riding or rough terrains.
  • A nice and broad padded seating for a pleasurable ride experience.
  • A high-performance air shock front suspension for a smoother ride. It improves the quality and feel of your bike in motion.
It is ideal for pro riders and beginners too.

The Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike review


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  • Has a wide and ribbed footrest which provides stability and better control.
  • A reliable drum brake which provides advanced braking power. You can slow down or stop quick and steady, which is a good safety measure.
  • Semi-auto transmission allows you to switch gear without a clutch. It also comes with reverse gear.
  • A kickstart engine built based on Honda Technology to give the best performance
  • A kill switch that is easy to reach.
  • High-performance air shock front suspension for a smoother ride and a satisfying experience
  • Wide padded seating for comfort while riding
  • The rear shock suspension will make you comfortable while riding on rough terrains.
  • Big tires for improved handling, control, and performance while riding. They are also designed to endure rough terrain.
The parts are so easy to assemble when buying. The bike is suitable for pro riders, but it is not difficult at all for beginners to train using it.

The Motovox 70cc Dirt Bike review


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  • Has an easy kick start.
  • Built with tough polypropylene fenders and side covers with innovative steel frames which ensure durability.
  • Has rear coil-over shock for comfort when riding on rough terrains.
  • Over-sized seating provides comfort.
  • Has both front and rear drum brakes, which is a safety measure.
This bike comes near completely assembled, you just need to latch on the handlebars. It is ideal for young riders and easy to learn for beginners.
Generally, all these 70cc dirt bike rides are a great choice for kids who love to get downright dirty!

The hidden facts about the 70cc dirt bike.

A road trip with 70cc dirt bike will give you a truly different and new experience always. Whether you have had the privilege to ride on it or watch the majestic move, the bike has some of the best fun features. 70cc dirt bike has become a better source of entertainment for teen and pre-teens who enjoy riding. They have some of the best speeds across the world with very strong engines that are tailor-made to determine how fast the engine can move.

There is a lot to learn how fast is a 70cc engine and the ability it will provide to the user. Comparing the speed of 70cc dirt bike to other bikes is almost impossible as in most cases it’s seen as a flying master and not an ordinary bike. Their speed is designed depending on the different ages for the users to ensure safety when they are being used. The speed of the engine gives 70cc dirt bike power to manage different tasks including racing and fun.

Bikes are majorly known to give kids fun and make them enjoy their free time. The difference between a pit bike and a dirt bike is therefore important to ensure confusion is eliminated. Not all the bikes will serve your needs perfectly and you must understand the need before you can go and on to shop.

The pit bike is therefore perfect for your kids as they are smaller in size and designed with more stability and majorly used for pit racing. Just as the name suggests, dirt bike, on the other hand, can be used perfectly in mud, dirt, and sand as they are light in nature and can maneuver the terrains with ease.

The bike has a guaranteed quality and has one of the best consumption when it comes to fuel. Many tend to wonder on fear when it comes to how much petrol is consumed by a 70CC dirt bike per day. The petrol consumption depends on the distance covered and the level of the involvement of the bike.

You also factor in the speed used on the bike and on average the consumption when a speedometer is fixed may result for a liter to cover 45 KM. The design of the 70cc dirt bike factors in the latest technology and suites best what the market needs today. Some of the dirt bikes are automatic, semi-automatic or fully manual as this will guide the ability of the bike making it more powerful.

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