Best 2 stroke dirt bikes_ Top 10

Best 2 stroke dirt bikes: Top 10

Best 2 stroke dirt bikes_ Top 10

Best 2 stroke dirt bikes: Top 10

When it comes to the fastest and strongest bike, you will have to choose a 2-stroke dirt bike. This bike is called 2 strokes because of the 2-cycle engine that it contains, one compression stroke and one power stroke. It has no valves, making it lighter. In between some other mechanical configurations, this thins make the 2-stroke dirt bike the most desired one when it comes to racing.

Was Bettman who maid the first 2 stroke bike for Triumph in 1914. From that moment on, the variety has grown, some of the brands that offer 2 stroke bikes are Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Gas-Gas, Kawasaki, Suzuki.

Here is the list of the best 2 stroke dirt bikes:

1.Yamaha YZ250 Model 2005 or later.”

In the last years, it has had a hand full of updates such as the Speed Sensitive System (SSS) suspension, the N·EW needle, the removable bar mounts,
and more. It weighs 219 pounds. The fabric top speed is 121 km per hour (75 mph) but some test says it could handle even 145 (90 mph). The starting price on the market is $7,290.

2.KTM 250SX, 2004 or later.

It is lighter than some other with a similar engine, weighing only 212 pounds. Some of the last year updates are the WP AER forks, the radiator guards, the carb positions. It is powerful and but not too fast, racing up to 97 km per hour (60 mph). Without being as popular as expected for a bike on its range, the price is going around $7,899.

3.Honda CR250R, 2000 to 2007.

It is light, 213 pounds, the top speed is of 121 km per hour (75 mph), it has front and rear adjustable compression and rebound suspension, with a fuel capacity of 7,5 liters. Further models did not develop the bike capabilities. The price is raising up to $10,000.

4.Yamaha YZ125, 2005 or later.

It weighs 207 pounds with a fuel capacity of 7,9 liters. It is quick, with a top speed of 126 km per hour (78 mph) and easy to maintain. It has a powerful engine, ideal balance and responsive chassis. The official price from the latest model is $6,499.

5.GAS-GAS EC 300, 2000 or later.

It is a capable and competitive bike, with high-quality components in the suspension, brakes and engine, a responsive chassis, and on their last version
is lighter and faster than before, it races up to 113 km per hour (70 mph). Weighing up to 232 pounds. Its price is around $9,500.

6.Kawasaki KX500, 2000 to 2004.

It can race up to 145 km per hour (90 mph). Weighing 220 pounds with a fuel capacity of 9,8 liters. It did not change in the newer models. Its
price is rounding $6,000.

7.Honda CR500R, 2001.

It is a powerful bike, with a great ability to adapt to difference terrains, amazingly responsive and fast. One of the more reliable bikes, after getting in 2001 a changes not done for many years. Its engine allows you to race up to 193 km per hour (120 mph) and even more according to some of the tests. The 2001 model can be found for $5,500.

8.KTM 300 EXC, 2004 or later.

Known as the best racing bike because of his top speed of 193 km per hour (120 mph), with a power of 52 hp, and a weight of only 225 pounds quite light for a
bike of its size. On its last model, the launching price was of $13,495.

9.Suzuki RM250, 2003 to 2008

The period in between which the jetting issues were resolved, without having troubles to prepare them. A power on demand bike, it’s speed race up to 129 km per hour (80 mph), very competitive. Its dry weight is around 212 pounds. And its price is $6,000.

10)Husqvarna CR125.

A 6-speed transmission, single cylinder and powerful, agile bike. It has a carburetor think for speed and power, the Miluni TMX38, that give this bike a top speed of 121 km per hour. It weighs around 207 pounds and it cost around $6,299.

Some of the bike lovers and racers will choose for the brands they love, some for the speed the bike will be able to race to or may chaise the last model. Which would you choose?

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