Dirt Bike Dangers_ Are Dirt Bikes Safe_

Dirt Bike Dangers: Are Dirt Bikes Safe?

Dirt Bike Dangers_ Are Dirt Bikes Safe_

Dirt Bike Dangers: Are Dirt Bikes Safe?

It can be much fun engaging in dirt bike riding, or (if you haven’t the time or inclination,) letting your kids rip up that dirt with their dirt bikes. It just so happens to be a favorite past time for the average kid growing up, especially when they hit a certain age.

Unfortunately, as enjoyable as this sport can get, there are downsides worth considering. You don’t want to plunge into something with the equal part potential for great fun and danger without first taking time to weigh your options.

Most parents are concerned about the safety of their children as they engage in dirt bike riding – and they should. Even though there are less risky ways of ensuring kids have fun – like playing computer games and watching kiddie movies indoor for instance – no right-thinking parent wants to take away the adventurous spirit of kids.

Below are some interesting statistics:

According to this report, of all the dirt bike injuries leading to the victim being hospitalized, more than half of it is caused by official racing involving dirt bikes. Interesting enough, only a very small fraction of the dirt bikes out there are used for racing. So it’s safe to assume that as long as you keep strictly to trails, don’t venture into any form of racing, and make sure to wear appropriate protective gear when on the move, you should be fine – relatively speaking.

By now you know it’s not a question of if dirt bikes are risky or involve danger. Of course, there are risks as with many things in life. The real concern now is how a family can and should protect themselves and avoid dirt bike dangers at all cost.

A good start could be to familiarize themselves with the most common dirt bike injuries. They include Injuries involving the knee; Break of the collarbone; Sprains involving the ankle and wrist; fracture of the femur, etc.

Even though parents should encourage their kids to be daring and adventurous as stated above, they may want to discourage them from riding ATVs (Four Wheelers). According to this report, it is a lot safer to ride a dirt bike than an ATV. The statistic showed that on the average, those who crash from ATV are 50% more likely to die from the accident than those who crash from dirt bikes. This is not to say that ATVs are bad or extreme for all families or kids. After all, people have varying risk quotient. So long as they and their parents possess the risk appetite and can handle the backlash, why not.

Families can stay safe by taking the statistics above into consideration and forming their own safety rules. For instance, they could (A) Avoid ATVs altogether reducing their risk by 50% (B) Keep away from paved roads while riding to drastically reduce the injury from impact(C) Avoid busy paths to reduce the risk of running into cars and pedestrians (D) Stay away from racing competitions that typically require riskier stunts in a bid to outshine or outperform the competition and (E) Ride the right dirt bikes for their age and size and use protective gear every time to prevent avoidable injuries.

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