Dirt Bikes For An 8-Year-Old

Dirt Bikes For An 8-Year-Old Kid: Hot to Pick the Right Bike?

Dirt Bikes For An 8-Year-Old Kid: Hot to Pick the Right Bike?

If you have a child, either a son or a daughter, and he or she is into dirt bikes, then you have to absolutely support that hobby of your child. Buying the right dirt bike for your child will not be easy by any means, so you have to look at various types of makes and models, before deciding on a single one, that will perfectly make your child happy.

Therefore, in order to prevent any such errors while buying the right dirt bike, this article will help you gather all the important information about making the right choice.

What Size Dirt Bike Should An 8-Year-Old Ride?

If you’re planning to buy dirt bikes for an 8-year-old kid, it is very much necessary to know the size that will be most comfortable for him or her. A 50-125cc dirt bike will be enough for most 8-year-old kids out there. The engine displacement is one of the most important factors that should be considered here. Along with that, the weight of the bike and the height of the seat of the bike, are also some important factors as well. Bikes weighing over 180 pounds is not at all recommended. Also, the seat height should be between 22-27 inches maximum. Also, the bike should have an automatic clutch as well.

Honda CRF50 Or Yamaha TTR50

If you’re given the choice between two bikes, i.e. either the Honda or the Yamaha, it will be better for you to get the Honda. These two bikes are very much identical to one another. But, the one place that Honda trumps Yamaha, is the ability to kick start as well as do electric start. Yamaha only offers an electric start. Sometimes, kids can make the mistake of forgetting to turn the key after a ride, thus electric only start can get a bit annoying. Both bikes are priced around the same, so you can buy whichever one you have a better deal.

Video Overview: 3-Year-old first attempt on CRF50 w/o training wheels

Honda CRF110

The Honda CRF110 will be the best for any 8 years old because he or she can ride it till 12 or 13 years. It has a seat height of 26 inches, therefore very comfortable to sit on. The bike weighs 163 pounds, which can be a bit heavy for most kids. Therefore, 50 cc dirt bikes are mostly recommended. Regarding speed, you can easily keep the bike in 2nd gear, and it will still be good for your kid, without getting into any troubles. Definitely perfect for most average to tall height kids.

Video Overview: Honda CRF110 Review

SSR 70cc

This SSR 70cc bike is a very simple bike, with no such frills. It has a very simple design, with very basic parts. So, even do you break it constantly, you can easily repair it and use it easily. Still, people have good experiences regarding this bike. You can also opt for the Honda CRF110, instead of a brand new SSR, which are selling for $700.

Video Overview: SSR 70 GoPro

How To Find A Good Deal On A Kids Dirt Bike?

The best way to find good deals on a dirt bike is to look up for a lightly used bike, rather than buying something new. Look for a bike with an electric start. Look up deals on Craigslist, and always try to print the Kelly Blue Book Price for that bike. Take that print with you, so that you can show the seller, the Blue Book price, and ask to get a nice amount of discount as well.

At What Age Should One Begin?

First of all is there any perfect age for a kid to start riding a dirt bike? Perhaps not. It all depends on your kid’s interests and dislikes. But when you come to think of it why would anyone not love the idea of riding a dirt bike? By indulging your kid into a port like this, you will help your child build a sense of accountability and duty and many other traits that will help kids in their personal development and growth.

  • Safety Come First

Dirt bikes are not only fun but also safe. They are generally small in size as compared to adult bike models and therefore have smaller sized engines. Although gas dirt bikes have been in demand for a long time now, electric dirt bikes are marking their place now. Their popularity seems to be increasing at a much higher rate due to the following reasons: silence, low maintenance, efficient, affordable and considerably better torque, and durability.

How to Make the Right Decision?

They are a plethora of options available for your kid to choose from when it comes to dirt bikes. It can literally take you weeks or even months to come to decide in unison. However, for a start, you can always 50-125 cc dirt bike with a seat height between 22-27 inches. Make sure the bike doesn’t weight more than 180 pounds and has an automatic clutch.

Tips to Make the First Experience worth Remembering

After making the final decision of picking the right bike now comes the time to teach your kid to ride the dirt bike successfully. This can be challenging as not all kids learn things at the same rate. Moreover, the experience of learning and riding a dirt bike has to be enjoyable and not strenuous for any kid. So here are some basic tips that can help your kid to make that first memory memorable.

  • Positioning:

The first and the foremost thing that one should keep in their mind is the position of the body. You need to sit straight with your back erect (although you can keep it slightly arched for better control), head forward, legs wide open and hands on the handles. Position your feet in the middle of the foot pegs to get good control over the levers.

  • Terrain:

You should let it easy on your child in the beginning so start by making him or her ride on a flat straight road with no or fewer potholes. If your kid keeps falling after every 10 feet not only will they get frustrated but also develop a fear for the bike.

  • Size of the bike: 

Make sure you make the right choice when it comes to picking the size. Larger bikes may suit your kid better, as they offer more space and girth. However, they are customarily very heavyweight and it can become tough for a kid to maintain grip. Similarly, if you pick a smaller one, then the kid might not feel comfortable riding and eventually feel dissatisfied with it.


It can be easily seen that buying a dirt bike for your child isn’t easy at all. But, if you follow the above tips and tricks, you can easily get good deals and finally find the right choice for your kid as well. This will help you to be an awesome parent too.

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