Dirt Bike Trailers_ Everything You Need To Know.

Dirt Bike Trailers: Everything You Need To Know.

Dirt Bike Trailers_ Everything You Need To Know.

Dirt Bike Trailers: Everything You Need To Know.

While you are planning on a trip and you are thinking of buying or building a dirt bike trailer for transporting your dirt bikes, there are things you have to consider before you put your cash on one. One of the things you have to consider is the design, which greatly depends on your budget; but most importantly, you will have to consider the safety tips and techniques required for towing a dirt bike trailer. Here are some points to consider before departing with your cash:

Dirt Bike Trailer Towing Techniques and Safety tips:

Safety Tips for Loading the Trailer

  1. Size: 

There are risks in moving your dirt bike with an undersized or oversized trailer. Therefore, you will have to look for the dirt bike trailer that is perfect for your bike(s).

  1. Wheelbase/ground clearance:

Measure the wheelbase clearance from the center of
your bike rear wheel and the ground clearance by measuring from a halfway
between the front and the rear wheel. This is important for you to get the ramp
of the right size that is big enough for the purpose. However, most trailers
come with the right ramp.

  1. Consider your vehicle with the trailer hitch:

If your trailer is small, you may use a small car; but for a bigger trailer of up to a
ton, you will need a sturdier vehicle with a rear-wheel drive, such as SUV and truck, rated to tow up to two thousand pounds.

  1. Securing your dirt bike:

In order for you to secure your bike in the trailer, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Get ratchet strap types that are easily compressible because they are easier to compress to the suspension than the pull-strap types. More importantly, ensure that the strap working load limit is at least a half of the weight of your motorcycle.
  • Get a sturdy wheel chock, especially the ones made of metal or hard plastic, to be placed in the front wheel of your bike so as to restrain
    it from moving so that it will be easier for you to load and strap your bike. However, if you do not have a choke, ensure that your dirt bike presses against the rail of the trailer.
  • Load the bike into the trailer with the aid of the ramp by pushing the bike up the ramp into the bed of your trailer.
  • Set down the side stand of your bike and attach the straps. A general safety guide for strapping is to attach the straps to the
    bike as high as possible, so as to ensure the greatest holding power and maximum stability. Furthermore, you might use some soft loops on your bike and then attach the ratchet strap to the soft loop so as to protect your dirt bike.
  • The next step is to secure the straps to the trailer by securing the hook end of the straps to secure spots in your trailer and then ratchet them down in a few times. Do this for both the right and the left side of the bike and tighten each ratchet strap such that the bike stands in an upright position. Be cautious not to strap the handlebars because they are not designed to withstand much pressure.
  • Finally, strap the rearward of the bike in such a way that the rear straps maintain a counter tension with the front straps so that
    your dirt bikes are fixed to a position and immovable while towing the trailer.

Safety Tips for Towing a Loaded Dirt Bike Trailer

  1. Ensure that the suspension is well compressed.
  1. Practice driving around with the loaded trailer before embarking on the trip in order to ensure that the bikes are well secure in the trailer and the trailer is well attached to your vehicle.
  1. Cover your bike with a tarpaulin.
  1. Finally, you will have to be rechecking the straps regularly while on the trip.

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