How To Choose a Dirt Bike_ My Best Tips.

How To Choose a Dirt Bike? My Best Tips.

How To Choose a Dirt Bike_ My Best Tips.

How To Choose a Dirt Bike? My Best Tips.

When bikers or wanna be bikers want to buy a dirt bike, some will go for the smaller bikes which are good for learning and for newbies. And with time, they will discover they need an upgrade where it is very sensitive. Some may go for the superior dirt bikes in the market without considering a lot of factors such as maintenance costs. So here are top five tips to help you choose the suitable dirt bike for you.

Get to know which terrain you actively like.

Dirt bikes are divided into three major categories according to the type of riding they are suitable for. These are track bikes, trail bikes, and dual sports bikes. This is because each of their performance is different due to the different gear ratio suited for various terrains.

On tracks, the top speed is not a major consideration, therefore, the top two gears are used very rarely. Acceleration is of more essence as it enables the biker to gain speed much faster, therefore the lower gearing is of more importance in track bikes. The fast acceleration is important because to conquer the corners and the jumps too.

Trail and sports bikes have similar gearing. Top speed is as important as fast acceleration. The sports bikes are all rounded up to conquer the dirt terrains, gravel on the ground and even reach a good top speed on the highways. The features also vary. Track bikes don’t even have warning lights and can not be used on highways and streets.

Dual sports bikes have the basics such as warning lights, speedometer, fuel and oil gauge

Know your budget

Dirt bikes are mostly on terrains that are not so smooth hence the bike may need more regular service than usual and also replacing spare parts more often. Therefore when you are going to get one, research on the maintenance costs and availability of spare parts. Make sure it is within your budget plan and you can afford the maintenance costs.

Your skill level

You cannot be a newbie in handling dirt bikes and go get a 500hp dirt bike. This too much power and may cause more harm than fun. Check your skill levels and know the best suitable bike for you. As a newbie, you can get a bike that the power ranges from 200hp – 250hp.

Size of rider

Consider how tall you are, your height and your weight too. Getting a 500hp heavy bike for the lightweight rider can be too heavy for them and tedious to ride. On the other hand, getting a small dirt bike when you are around 6 foot tall will get you hitting your knees against your chin. Also if you are heavyweight, consider a bike with suspensions strong enough to handle it.

Level of your mechanical skills

This is an important factor to consider before getting a dirt bike since they don’t come cheap. If you have less or no mechanical knowledge especially on dirt bikes, you would consider getting a new bike rather than a second-hand bike. Second-hand bikes may be cheaper but if you do not trust your repair skills, remember they are cheap for a reason and they need a lot to maintain.

With those tips, good luck on your getting a dirt bike and get ready to get adventurous with no stress when you take your time and check on the factors to get a perfect bike for you.

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