How to Ride a Dirt Bike like a pro_The Ultimate Guide

How to Ride a Dirt Bike like a pro? The Ultimate Guide.

How to Ride a Dirt Bike like a pro_The Ultimate Guide

How to Ride a Dirt Bikelike a pro? The Ultimate Guide.

It might be the fact that you have purchased a dirt bike a short while back with the intention of enjoying yourself on the tracks. However, it is much more challenging to master dirt biking than what is required to ride a two-wheeler. Below we have mentioned a comprehensive dirt bike beginner’s guide that should allow you to enjoy riding it in no time at all.

It is imperative for you to start the dirt biking lessons by watching the pros in action. Try to understand how they handle the whoops and ride the bike impeccably. Initially, make it a point to be comfortable as well as confident while riding the machine. The guidelines mentioned below will help you to build your foundation which is essential to master dirt biking.

1. Body Position

Probably this is the toughest part while learning how to ride a dirt bike. It is something more than simply sitting or standing. Proper body position will help you to grip the knees correctly, comprehend the position of your arms and fingers as well as the back posture. Here we like to mention that you need to spend the major part of your time dirt biking in the standing position. A sitting position will not allow you to handle the different types of obstacles while riding the bike.
A proper standing position will consist of the subsequent features:
a. Never back-position the head over the handlebars and also do not lean straight-up.
b. Grip the gas tank of the bike using your knees so as to get a better control.
c. Try to lean forward with your elbows out and your arms up away from the body.

2. Using the Clutch

You must not use the clutch of the dirt bike for downshifting. Moreover, do not make any attempt to save your brake pads. In fact, downshifting on a dirt bike will lead to the disruption of the flow of your run. Instead, make use of the brake so as to comprehend exactly how much is needed to get past the turn.

3. Using the Brake

On some occasions, we have seen the rear wheel of a dirt bike start bucking thus throwing the rider off the bike. Fortunately, this can be prevented by dragging the rear brake. Instead of grabbing the brakes, drag them as soon as you feel the rear wheel starting to kick. In this way, the suspension will not bounce around anymore which could have otherwise resulted in losing control of the bike.
It is likewise important to drop your foot so as to maintain the proper distribution of weight. In case you are not dropping your feet and having a tough time around the corners, it is time to rectify yourself. For this, it is imperative to put the legs straight out while pointing your toes up while biking. Once your foot gets caught in the dirt, you might have to face undesirable consequences.

4. Practice

We all know that practice makes a man perfect and the same is true while learning dirt biking. Always stay motivated and keep on practicing like the pros while maintaining a proper body position, using the clutch and the brake effectively, and also using the feet correctly as well.

5 Mistakes Dirt Bike Beginners Make

1. Riding with a friend/passenger

You could be under pressure to hike with your best friend or head someone special for the weekend. This is acceptable, however; riding alone in your first weeks will let you learn proper bike controls at your own pace. Carrying a passenger will also change the bike’s handling dynamics. Biking/ racing in a group isn’t safe either for a beginner since it poses a set of challenges; you’ll often have the urge to speed beyond your comfort especially when everybody seems to be a fast rider.

2.Poor throttle and clutch control

Understanding the proper control of the two takes time and most beginners will actually mess up in their first weeks of riding. Timing the clutch and throttle can only be mastered through practice and this may take some time to actually have the best control when riding at different speeds. Learning how to effectively control the two will lower the risks of causing accidents and disturbing other road users.

3.Riding without the full gear on

Most dirt bike owners were excited to have their first ride. Beginners aren’t an exception, they will probably have their very first ride without the gear on since it’s obvious- not comfortable. Most beginners will get used to riding without the proper gear and after some time, they completely forget to invest in safety gear. It’s however, your duty to take care of yourself when on the road. Investing in the right dirt bike gloves, boots, goggles, jacket, full face helmet, elbow and knee pads is more of a necessity.

4.Showing off some new riding skills

It could be an overwhelming experience to ride your first dirt bike. You can even be tempted to show off some skills you copied from a movie or motor-sports athletes. This sounds practical and amazing; however, such moves could be dangerous and you can end up with injuries. Unless you’ve mastered the skills and quite familiar with the bike, it’s advisable to avoid such dangerous jumps and moves. There’s no need of trying to impress your friends and end up spending weeks in bed with a broken leg/arm. Always play safe, master how to control your dirt bike then progressively learn your favorite riding moves.

5.Poor Balance

Balancing a moving dirt bike is a great challenge for beginners. A beginner who can ride a bicycle is in a better position to master the riding classes. A dirt bike, unlike a bicycle, is heavier, complicated and faster.

Most beginners will force themselves to ride a dirt bike before they master the balancing. To avoid such scenarios, one should first balance the body while seated on the bike. If the balancing struggle persists, you should probably begin by balancing a bicycle.
No license is necessary to purchase any motorcycle. In fact, you don’t need a license to operate the dirt bike on a private property. You’ll only need one to ride the dirt bike on controlled streets. Dirt bike registration is also necessary with purchase of trail stickers if you’re riding it on public forest trails.

You can ride the dirt bike on the road but you have to get a license plate. You’ll need to sign a form indicating you’ve installed a brake light, DOT-approved tire, and headlights.

You’ll always get the best dirt bike to serve your needs depending on your budget and taste & preference. Some of the best dirt bikes in the market include the Yamaha YZ250Z, Honda CR250R, and the Kawasaki KX500.

All dual sports bikes are street legal since they have been designed for both on and off-road use. A dirt bike owner can choose to have its bike covered with the right insurance that addresses the riding situation.

A dirt bike could be a bit different from the regular on-road bikes in terms of gear-transmission, however; the rules of clutch and gears still apply. Downshifting will always mean going for higher gears/gearing up and shifting upwards means you’re changing to lower gears. This sometimes varies with the make of the dirt bike.

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