Privacy policy

Privacy Policy
Information Collection practices
We may gather some personal data, such as usernames, email addresses, and other contact details to identify, to allow users to access the website. Alternatively, for convenience and quick updates, we may occasionally be able to provide you some specific services via your email address. The following list includes the major groups of information gathered:
• IP addresses that provide location data. 
• Data gathered from outside sources. Suppose you click on a link that directs you to the Amazon website.
Cookies are used by Link Reviews to collect data. More specifically, cookies are recognized as text-only data structures containing unique character strings that allow us to store and analyze data in order to better understand user preferences. As a result, we tailor the web's content based on the data we've gathered to make users' surfing experiences more convenient and efficient.

Furthermore, cookies won't be placed on your computer without your consent, so you can disable them in your web browser. However, doing so may limit the features and services we can offer you. On the websites for each online browser, you may find more in-depth information about managing cookies with that particular browser.

The use and sharing of information
You might be curious about the purpose of the data gathered. View the list of the most thorough actions taken following the collection of visitor data below.
• Providing you with unique content that is tailored to your interests once you visit our website. 
• Assisting customers in using the newest services to customize their experience with the services. 
• Upholding user rights and avoiding, identifying, and resolving any security-related problems. 
• Improving the functionality of the website to offer users the most beneficial search experience based on the data analyzed. 
• Disseminating to third parties data about your usage of the Sites in order to display you tailored advertising and other material you might find interesting.

Limitations on the use of children's private information 
We don't recommend that kids under 13 access our website. We also advise parents and guardians to control and monitor their children's online behavior. We will make an attempt to protect minors under 13's personal information. We also abide by California law, which prohibits the sale of personal information on minors (those 13 to 16 years old).