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Do You Need to Wear A Neck Brace When Dirt Biking?

Do You Need to Wear A Neck Brace When Dirt Biking?

While there still seems to be a lot of debate about the effectiveness of safety equipment like the Leatt Brace, some drivers believe that braces can do more damage in some cases. Others want “scientific evidence” or a guarantee that neck reinforcements will minimize spinal cord damage before spending a few hundred dollars on something that may or may not prevent injury.

It seems that KTM and BMW believe in Leatt Brace and supports it. KTM had its Leatt Braces with its logo some time ago, and many of the pilots of their team used them. The Leatt Brace has also been accepted for use in all NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) classes through its SFI 38.1 certification.

Many professional pilots also use them. Drivers like Ryan Villopoto, Dean Wilson, and Darryl King fly around the track with these human collars. Keep in mind that many of these riders may need to decide to use an orthosis that can carry extra weight, restrict some movements and increase the core temperature, or drive faster and longer without taking advantage of the minimum restrictions. This is not a problem for an average driver who drives for fun.

Trey Canard thanked his lucky star (and neck) when another rider landed in a triple jump in a horrible accident during a supercross event. Miraculously, he had no neck injury and believed it was due to an orthosis.

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Orthotics for the neck are not only used for motocross and enduro, but also for race cars, jet boats, supermotard, go-karts and other extreme sports where the risk of neck injuries is high.

Although they are very technical in design, the collars are quite simple in their functionality. Its purpose is to limit the amount of movement or movement in the neck during an accident. You can do it by resting on your shoulders like a necklace around your neck, forming a kind of base for your helmet. If your head is shaken to one side in extreme cases, the orthosis prevents the neck from yielding too much and breaking. They are also provided with “points of failure” so that the clip yields under an absolute pressure (caused by accident) to cushion the impact on the cyclist.

They are designed to fit comfortably in most types of armor and helmets, and Team Leatt Brace states that a lap or five minutes is usually enough to get used to the orthosis.

The Leatt Brace is the original rail and possibly the most tried and tested on the market. They have many different styles for children and adults. They consist of nylon reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber and kevlar. Other market players such as Alpinestars, Atlas, and EVS make their necklaces.

The big question Should I wear a gorget? You must make this call like any other security equipment you carry. My thoughts. Do not request guarantees and scientific evidence for most of your other safety equipment, why do you need it? Anything that restricts the extreme movements of the neck should be a good thing since the idea of ​​spending the rest of the days in a wheelchair or drinking from a straw is a dark and terrifying place for everyone.

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